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See that cute kid on the right? That’s me. Well, was me, anyway. That old camera was my favorite toy – and, truth be told, camera’s still are my favorite toys!

So what can I do for you? There are days where just a picture is not good enough. That is where I come in. I translate your story into imagery. If you think about it, a good photograph is more than a static picture. It does not only remember the little details that people tend to forget, it retells you the entire story that goes with it. That is why a good reportage is not just an account of the event, but preserves the entire experience. The same goes for ‘single’ photo’s like portraits and editorials. A good one tells you the story, without the need for any words.

What I do
My photography is characterized by its spontaneous and journalistic nature. To get a great photo you need to feel comfortable and I’ll do anything to make that happen. That is why we won’t be heading to the studio, but find a setting that suits you. A windy day at the beach, warm and snug on your couch at your home, your favorite place for lunch or wherever you want to go. Have a better idea? Call or mail me and let’s make it happen!

Getting you the good stuff
So, you had a great day and enjoyed your shoot. Now what? You might have picked you goodies beforehand, but you can always add more of the good stuff later.
You decide how you want your photos. High quality prints, an album, digital downloads can all be done. Within a week you’ll get to see your first pictures! Print products will be delivered to your home or work address as soon as they’re ready.

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