Charlotte Meindersma Fotografie Lot's of Photographs

I love making bright, clean and fresh imagery. Ranging from portraits to abstract pictures. Turning the mundane everyday into a new perspective and opening people’s eyes to the beauty around is something I enjoy doing.

Photography is more than just taking pictures. It is about capturing the moment in a way that enables you to become part of the experience, even if you weren’t at the time. Throughout our lives we collect experiences, both good and bad, but our memory of them fades away as time progresses. A good photograph catapults you back in time and reenergizes your recollection of the moment and brings back the full experience you had with all your senses.

Portraits is what I love doing most. I’m a peoplephotographer. Showing who a person is in their natural surroundings, and thus telling a story about that person is the best a picture can become. That works for families, couples, professionals and corporations alike. The picture tells the story.

My other passion is the law. I specialized in information law (including copyright). Basically the law-side of photography, so both my expertise go hand-in-hand!

The Hague is the backdrop to most of my life. As the political centre of the country the city has an international crowd adding some extra flavors to the city. Coincidentally The Hague also offers some beautiful scenery that are excellent for portrait photography.

In my spare time you might still catch me with my camera outdoors. I just enjoy doing it too much. The sun is something that makes me very happy. As soon as we get the first rays I’ll go enjoy them on my rooftop terrace or somewhere in the city. In the winter a good movie or documentary with a warm cup of coffee or tea on the couch will make my day too!


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